Terms of Service & house rules

House rules / contract:

Arrival / departure

CHECK-IN: from 3 p.m. Earlier check-in is possible on request

CHECK-OUT: 11:00 a.m. Later check-out is possible on request

The check-in is partly done by automatically sending a code and self-check-in.

At check-in, a valid identity card must be presented and the registration form filled in, including all guests present, with address and contact details.


Cleaning and service

Fresh towels and sheets on arrival. All furniture and furnishings are to be put back in their original place. Dishes are washed, dried and put back in the cupboards. If the dishes and utensils are not cleaned by the guest, an extra cleaning fee of € 25 will be charged. The apartment must be left swept clean. You have to dispose of any drinks, bottles, pizza boxes etc. you have brought with you. If the guest does not dispose of this, a disposal fee of € 25 applies. For the use of the public areas, especially the Linving Lounge and the terraces and barbecue area, the same applies as described above.


Pets only by arrangement. Surcharge € 15.00 for special cleaning.



All rooms and areas are equipped with smoke detectors and connected to a fire alarm center with remote calls. Smoking in the house is absolutely forbidden. In addition, the unscrewing or covering of the smoke alarms. There are designated areas outside, acoustic sirens in the hallway and optical and acoustic messages outside the house. A violation of the absolute ban on smoking is punished with € 250.00, which covers the costs for the special cleaning and closing of the rooms for one day.

Number of people

Only specified persons are allowed to stay in the apartment. All persons must be registered on arrival. Additional guests who are in the apartment after 01:00 a.m. must be reported and will be billed by the landlord. Parties, events and events in the apartment are not permitted. A separate written agreement is required for this. All guests present must be listed on the registration form, including address or contact options.

“Sex parties” and drugs are expressly prohibited. Every offense is brought to a criminal complaint.

The house also has a living lounge and bar. These areas may then be used accordingly after written agreement and instruction.



Damage must be reported to the landlord immediately. The tenant is liable for all damage. Damaged, lost or destroyed inventory will be billed at the replacement price. The landlord is not liable for the tenant’s valuables.


Keys and key loss (alternative to self check-in)

The keys are not to be passed on to outsiders. If the keys are lost, the renter is liable up to the amount of the replacement costs, which are € 1,800 (WILKA locking system). The tenant must personally hand over all keys to the landlord at the end of the tenancy.


Due diligence

Out of consideration for our neighbors and other guests, we ask all guests not to make any noise in the hallway.

The guest must treat the rental property with care and ensure that his fellow travelers and guests also comply with the rental conditions. The house entrance door must always be closed, but must not be locked with a key, as other guests would otherwise have no access and the escape route must always be unlocked. Windows and patio doors must be closed when leaving. Please always remember to close the pitched roof windows before leaving the apartment.

Terms of use of the public areas:

The sauna, whirlpool, garden, terrace and children’s play area can only be used after a briefing. Extra fees apply to some areas. The separate bathing regulations apply to the bathing areas. The opening times are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (only after booking). After 10:00 p.m. the outside area can no longer be used and the night’s rest must be observed. The doors to the outside area close automatically from midnight, please note that when the shutters are closed, access to the house is no longer possible. The displayed bathing regulations also apply here. The whirlpool can only be used after consultation and instruction, and each room must also be entered in the “time window list” at the counter. A maximum of 2 bathers are allowed in the whirlpool. Be sure to shower before use.


Volume and night rest

Playing music systems, bluetooth battery speakers or sound systems you have brought with you is not permitted in the garden out of consideration for the neighbors. There is a permanently installed loudspeaker system on the terrace that can be used to play music.

Night’s rest between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. This is mandatory.

This also applies to cigarette smoking on the loggia, terrace and in front of the front door.

Use of the living lounge is not permitted after midnight.

Absolute quiet also applies in the hallways.


WiFi and internet usage

The guest is responsible for the data transmitted via the (W) LAN, the fee-based services used and legal transactions made. If the guest visits paid websites or if he enters into liabilities, the resulting costs must be borne by him. He is obliged to comply with applicable law when using the (W) LAN. In particular, he will:

Do not use the (W) LAN to access or distribute immoral or illegal content, do not unlawfully reproduce, distribute or make available any copyrighted goods, observe the applicable youth protection regulations, do not send or distribute any annoying, defamatory or threatening content that (W ) Do not use LAN to send mass messages (spam) and / or other forms of illegal advertising. The guest releases the owner of the accommodation from all damage and claims by third parties that are based on illegal use of the (W) LAN by the guest and / or on a violation of the present agreement. This also extends to costs and expenses associated with the use or defense thereof. If the guest recognizes or has to recognize that such a violation of the law and / or such a violation exists or is threatened, he shall inform the owner of the accommodation of this fact.